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Jericho Defense Precision Rifle 1 (06/12/11)

Who: forrest
What: Jericho Defense Precision Rifle 1
When: 06-12-2011
Where: Centerline of Calhoun Co. MI.
Gear: LMT MWS .308 w/ Millet 4-16 glass in LaRue SPR, LaRue/Harris bi-pods, 168 g. HPBT sierra match king hand loads.

What I expected: To build a foundation in the fundimentals of precision rifle shooting, and to learn what areas of PRS that I need to incorporate into my personal training regiment.

What actually happened: Kevin and Jon really hit a home run with the way they presented themselves and the class material. They were well prepared and it showed. We started w/ the usual waivers, introductions, and into the safety brief. I really appreciated that they went into how to actually use the tournaqute and Isreali GSW bandages, as well as the well laid out plan for an unlikely emergency. The Instructors went over the basics of a precision bolt and semi rifle, what are the important features and why they are important. We went into how to set a PR up for the individual shooter and about making sure that everything is aligned and parralel from the get-go. Cleaning and maintaince, along with, barrel harminics and resonance. How to use the PR log book, and the importance of building the data for your rifle and various cartridge loads, (DOPE). Getting comfortable and the natural point of aim, breathing and heart rate, trigger control, and follow-through. Kevin and Jon explained MOA, and how to set-up and use our scopes, ranging, wind factoring and balistics calculations. We zeroed our rifles and re-set our turret zeros. We learned how to use our scopes with simulated shooting conditions and moved our crosshairs around the POA to demonstrate the required DOPE for the proper firing solution corrections, (this drill really clarified the how and why, of alot of what I did not know, about how to use my PR).

We learned about how to properly use our bodies to steady ourselves in the various different shooting positions, prone, sitting, kneeling, and standing, (way different than a combat rifle, for some of the positions). We had a few friendly competitions where we got out heart rate up and had to accurately enguage targets @ distance in a limited amount of time, This is where we got to employ all that we had learned for the day, and, we learned ALOT, and it really works, I started the day with a clean rifle and groups of about 2.5 inches, after my PR got a little fouled, the groups really started to tighten up, and by the end of the day, using the techniques that Kevin and Jon taught us, I had a few groups w/ some shots on top of eachother and the confidence to make the precision shots that I never really had before this class. We ended the shooting portion of the class with positive reinforcement drill using a life size target and placing 20 shots into the occular of the threat @ distance.

Best item I learned or reinforced: All of the basic fundimentals of shooting and accuracy apply across the board. Trigger control and sight picture, comfort and follow-through. Whenever I pulled a shot, (and knew it as soon as it happened) it was because I was either fatigued or not using all of the basic fundimentals. When I did my job and the shot was set-up correctly with a good clean break of the trigger, the rifle did it's job and sent the bullet home and the POI was exactly on the POA.

Critiques for instructors or class flow: With so much information, and a limited amount of time for the class, I think that Kevin and Jon did an outstanding job, the material was presented in order, and in a manner that I could easily understand, absorb, and apply. I had a chance to skim through the hand out material last night and with the knowledge that I gained in the class, allmost all of the handout material made sense to me, (would have seemed like a foriegn language before the class).

While all of the positions and techniques were demonstrated for us by the instructors, I would have liked to seen each of the instructors make the hits on target for the same drills that the students did, (as the students watch the instructors apply the proper techniques). To demonstrate to the students exactly what standard of accuracy is possible when the fundimentals and proper techniques are applied. Maybe a 10 hr. class or even a 2-day PR1, to really get into some of the hand-out material and more application of the log-book.

Summary : A great class, with some familiar faces from previous training classes and A.C.T.S. matches, the gun handling skills and safety was well above par. I personally achieved my goals of learning the basics of how employ my PR using the fundimentals and proper techniques that were taught in the class. I am Absolutely looking forward to attending more Jericho Defense classes in the future.

Thank You, Kevin, Jon, and the rest of the class for everything !!!

forrest -


Fundamental Pistol and Fundamental Carbine July 2010

I've taken the Fundamental Pistol, Fundamental Carbine and Precision Rifle Set Up courses offered by Jericho Defense Services and have gotten a lot out of them. The instructors are top notch, & by no mean over the top. By that I mean they are just good guys who like teaching firearms skills and are good at it.

As mentioned in the above post, no question is off limits and all will be answered. The material is well laid out and there is a lot covered in a days class. One of the most useful aspect of the course IMO is the gear selection and set up. Let's face it, all of use can't really go next door and look at your neighbors kit and ask questions about how & why they decided to go that way, we need to rely on the internet or friends for that type of info. A lot of that info is wrong, go figure. Having Kevin & Jon (my two instructors) explain their gear and getting real life advice from a guy who actually used it in the sand box, give you a no BS perspective on what works and doesn't.

My feelings on each course are as follows:

Fundamental Pistol Course: I probably took the most away from this course. I am mostly self taught when it comes to a pistol, and that was evident during the course. Bad grip, lousy reloads and my malfunction handling could have been much better. The course addressed all these points & I now feel a lot more confident with my pistol and my skill have improved greatly. I see a marked difference in accuracy and speed, which I contribute to the course as I never would have broken my bad habits if they weren't pointed out by the instructors.

Fundamental Carbine: A great course. I had a lot of fun and of course improved my skills. I think we cycled 500+ rounds, which is not indicative of a good course, but it sure adds to the enjoyment factor. I feel I'm more advanced with my AR than my pistol which may explain why I enjoyed the course as much as I did. The challenge for me was weak side shooting & shooting on the move, things I never practiced before the course.

All in all, I feel that the time and money investment in Jericho Defense Services course were well worth it. I hope to continue through their list of courses and continue to improve my skills. I can, without a doubt, recommend their training to anyone that wants to improve their skills.

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