Paratus et duro [ Prepare and Endure ]

Class Reservation and Cancellation Policy

You may register for a class and pay upon the day of the class, however we require a deposit of 50% of the class cost two weeks before the start of your class to reserve your place. If the mandatory class deposit is not received by the two week deadline, we can not hold your spot and it may be given to someone waiting and ready to pay. If you see a class that you want to take and it's closer than the two week deadline, don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll make sure we do everything possible to get you the training you want.   If you register and pay, and fail to show up for class, your payment will be forfeited. A 100% refund will be granted for any cancellation made 30 days or more before class. If a scheduling conflict arises within 30 days of your training, we will grant you a one time switch to another class that we offer.   We respect that you may have a unique issue that causes you to not take a class at the time you requested and we will work with you the best we can, but we expect the same respect and responsibility in return. If you think you may have an scheduling issue, please contact us at the earliest possible time. That way we can make arrangements that are respectful to the range owners, others waiting to take the class, instructors, etc.   Thank you.  

To register for a class:

You may register for a class using the registration pages on this website or shoot us an email at and let us know which class you are interested in. IF you email us, we will send you an email with our class registration form. Once you receive the email registration form, just fill in the answers to the questions, complete it and email it back to us. For the credential requirements, you can scan them and send them as an attachment with your registration email or you can copy and US Postal Service mail them back to us. Make your check or money order payable to Jericho Defense.   Send your registration and check or money order to...   Jericho Defense P.O. Box 419 Grand Ledge, MI. 48837   After we have received your registration and payment, we will email you conformation that you have been allocated a class spot.  

Credentials for specific classes

Due to the nature of specific classes we teach, in order to take the class, you will need to have a current State Drivers License and have one of these three credentials: a Concealed Pistol License, be active Military or be an active full time Law Enforcement Officer. A copy of proof of credentials will needed to enroll into certain courses of instruction. To see which courses of instruction require these credentials, please refer to the class prerequisites section for each class.   If you are registering for a class through this website, you may email a scan of your credentials to us, fax a copy of them to our fax number or make a copy and US Postal Service mail them to us at the above address.  

Refusal to train a student

Jericho Defense reserves the right to refuse training to a student for what ever reason is deemed appropriate.   If we feel a student isn't up to the appropriate level of ability for a specific class they have requested, we may require them to take a lower level class to get them to that specific ability level. The safety of our students, instructors and hosts are paramount at Jericho Defense. We also want make sure our other students training is not being over taken by students that have no business in a specific class, whether it be because of lack of knowledge or ability. Advanced classes are just that... advanced and not for a beginner who has very little or no knowledge of firearms or self defense training.   If Jericho Defense feels that the student may take a class and use that information/training during illegal activities, we reserve the right to refuse training to that individual or individuals.   Except for our NRA classes, in which a lawfully admitted alien is allowed to enroll in, Jericho Defense will not instruct non-United States citizens. In Jericho Defense developed classes, you must be a United States citizen to register and participate.   Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.