Paratus et duro [ Prepare and Endure ]

Jericho Defense

Jericho Defense was created to teach the knowledge, skills and mental attitude for civilians, law enforcement and our military to prevail in self defense situations.   Our Pistol, Carbine, Precision Rifle and Defensive training focus is not only on accurate marksmanship under stress, but also on defensive techniques, tactics and a mindset to keep you alive when you are in a situation that is trying to do otherwise. We combine realistic stress situations with marksmanship skills, survival knowledge and mental training to keep you one step a head of "bad guys". Our main focus is on "stuff that works" to keep you alive.   We are proud that each of our instructors has served in the Military. Many have extensive combat experience, which enables them to give you insights you won't find elsewhere. Our staff combines real world experience in Military, Law Enforcement, and Concealed Carry situations to provide a realistic and proven training curriculum that will set you up for success. Meet our staff:  

Instructor Kevin(Owner)

Instructor Kevin served as a Sergeant in the Michigan Army National Guard and US Army Reserve for 12 years, including 7 years as a 19 Delta Air Cavalry Long Range Reconnaissance Scout. While serving as a Cavalry Scout, he had the opportunity to learn from and work along side Vietnam Combat Veteran members of U.S. Army Special Forces, U.S. Army Rangers and U.S. Navy EOD.   Instructor K is a U.S. Training Center/Academi Carbine Instructor course graduate and holds the following NRA Instructor certifications:
  • Home Firearm Safety
  • Basic Personal Protection in the Home
  • Basic Rifle
  • Basic Pistol
  • Basic Shotgun
  • NRA Range Safety Officer
  He is a certified M16/A15, Glock and shotgun armorer. Instructor Kevin has also worked as a gunsmith building precision bolt action rifles and sniper rifles for law enforcement and our Military. His experience has made him an expert in long range precision marksmanship and hand loading techniques. Instructor Kevin is a competitive shooter in high power and tactical shooting events, and has completed numerous training courses.  

Instructor Tony

Instructor Tony served as an officer in the Michigan Army National Guard. He graduated BCT with honors and qualified Expert with the M16. Instructor Tony is a firearms expert and a long time writer for SWAT magazine. He is a certified Medical First Responder, and has certifications as an M16/A15 armorer. He has taken numerous training classes, is a practitioner of long range marksmanship and is a competitive shooter in high power and tactical shooting events.  

Instructor Rich

Instructor Rich has extensive combat experience and brings a wealth of knowledge to the already veteran team. As a member of the British Army 156 Para Provost Company (Airborne Royal Military Police), 16 Air Assault Brigade, Rich served in multiple countries. He served in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Africa, and Europe. Instructor Rich is trained in close protection, airborne infantry, first responder, jungle survival, and also excels as a competitive shooter. His dedication to making the absolute best instructional material exemplifies the mission of Jericho Defense.  

Instructor Jake

Instructor Jake was a Corporal and an Infantry squad leader with the 1st Battalion 24th U.S. Marines. He’s was a Marine Corp foreign weapons instructor, has been though the foreign weapons instructor course, taught weapons instruction in over a half a dozen countries and has taken many training courses from nationally recognized authorities that include building clearing/MOUT operations. Instructor Jake has been deployed to the Philippines, Peru, Malasia, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Brunei and Singapore and has been through the jungle warfare center course. For fun, Instructor Jake participates in tactical shooting competitions. He’s a Michigan and Nationally registered Basic EMT. Jake’s depth experience is a real asset to Jericho Defense and your training.  

Instructor Rob

Instructor Rob is just plain awesome. Instructor Rob is a Desert Storm 101st Airborne Combat Veteran, serving with the US Army and Michigan Army National Guard for 13 years. He is a full time SWAT Police Officer and is a SWAT team Sniper. He has certifications as Accident Investigator, Crime Scene Tech, Arson Evidence Collection, Patrol Rifle Operator, Swat Operator, FBI Trained Sniper, Narcotics ID Specialist, and Glock/H&K/Remington/AR15 armorer. Instructor Rob was a very well versed parachutist and has done everything from HALO jumping to being a Military freefall parachute Demo Team member. With that not being enough, Instructor R1 is a competitive shooter in IDPA, 3-Gun, and American Confederation of Tactical Shooters.  

Instructor Mike

Instructor Mike served as an officer in the 1st Infantry Division serving in the United States Army. In 2007 and 2008, Instructor M saw 14 months of combat in Iraq, leading over 400 combat patrols with the 10th Mountain Division. For Instructor Mike's bravery in combat, he was awarded the Bronze Star. He has deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Before joining the U.S. Army, Instructor Mike was a full time police officer in Michigan and has a degree in criminal justice. He is a competitive shooter and brings a wealth of current tactical and survivability information to the program. Instructor Mike also writes many self-defense columns for our Jericho Defense Facebook page.  

Previous Jericho Defense Instructors

Honorable mention to Jericho Defense instructors who will always be part of the Jericho Defense family and who have been an instrumental part of Jericho Defense lesson development.

Instructor Jon

Besides being an excellent writer, Instructor Jon served two tours in Iraq as a USMC Infantryman and as a Designated Marksman. When he deployed to Fallujah during the Anbar uprising, Instructor Jon was responsible for training the Iraqi 1st and 2nd Iraqi Marine Corps Battalions. Instructor Jon trained the security detail for the Iraqi Head of Navy, conducted force protection assessment for a base in southern Iraq and conducted multiple VBSS missions with USCG TLET teams. He is a hand to hand combat specialist, fought in the All Iraq US Army Combatives Tournament and is a MCMAP black belt (Marine Corps' martial arts program). On top of all of that, Instructor Jon is a competitive shooter in multiple disciplines and was the winner of the 2011 and 2012 American Confederation of Tactical Shooters Combat Rifle Championships.